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Andrew Bailey

Andrew Bailey. Expat living in the Netherlands. Likes to bike, hike, and travel.

Andrew Bailey has extensive professional management, and administrative experience has equipping him with the ability to develop new insights into situations; question conventional approaches; encourage new ideas and innovations; and design and implement new or cutting edge programs/processes.

Andrew Bailey's Background

Andrew Bailey's Experience

Administrative Officer, Grade GS-0341-11 at Department of Defense Education Activity

August 2009 - July 2012

Served as Chief, Management Support Office managed support activities; budget, safety and security, administrative, enrollment, logistics and facility management. Budget and Procurement. Provided direct oversight to the school budget. Acted as the Billing/Authorizing Official for the Purchase Card Program. Developed procurement priorities based on mission, population and purchasing trends. Developed UFR for identified needs. Developed a lifecycle replacement program. Safety and Security. Acted as the Schools AT-FP (Anti Terrorism and Force Protection) Officer. Coordinated with Garrison and District personnel on school security and safety. Initiated projects improving physical security. Coordinated all drills. Conducted after actions reviews on drills. Managed key control and installation pass programs. Administrative. Served as official records manager for the school IAW HQ DoDEA guidance. Worked with support staff to improve support processes. Wrote SOP's. Enrollment. Supervised student registration, attendance, academic records, tuition status, and other related processes. Implemented data collection techniques. Instituted quality controls for student records and enrollment. Analyzed enrollment and population trends for usage in long range planning. Logistics. Provided operation oversight of the logistics support in school. Verified school stayed in regulatory compliance for accountable property. Facilities. Managed the maintenance and custodial program. Tracked work orders (600 per year). Conducted QA on work performed. Perform routine playground inspections. Identified major projects and wrote justifications. Achievements. Advocated and received facility upgrades. Playground (700K), FP Upgrade (100K), Flooring (500K). Streamlined the re-registration process saving customers time from a 45 minute process to a 10 minute process. Increased partnerships with military organizations. Created enrollment models allowing procurement based on projections.

Desktop Technician at ACS

August 2006 - June 2009

Contribute technical skills in providing IT support services for Graf Schools. Perform comprehensive hardware and software system reviews, identify and address existing and potential issues, and create proactive upgrades and enhancements for optimal results. Strategically define, develop and execute hardware, software and network standards. Apply problem solving and critical thinking skills toward identifying, troubleshooting and resolving technological issues. Demonstrate advanced communication and interpersonal relation skills toward collaborating directly with teachers in integrating technology in their classrooms, as well as directly assisting students with technical issues. Train, mentor and motivate educators on technology and software, playing an instrumental role in their development and top performance. Proactively support colleagues in other DoDEA schools, providing technical expertise on network, software and equipment. Maintain up to date on current technology trends and products to identify and recommend key products to optimize productivity, efficiency and performance. Define and suggest various new technologies to supply future purchasing needs. Set up 750 computers in 3 new schools; install new switches and cabling to support switches to drops. Proficiently interpret SOP's and regulations for company to ensure critical compliance. Exhibiting solid written communication talents, develop self-help documentation to users on basic computer functions.

Community Services Specialist at USAG Detroit

January 2005 - May 2005

Served as Program Manager for Army Family Action Plan, Central Intake and Processing and Army Family Team Building and Military Unit Support Liaison for Army Community Services, applying interpersonal relation skills. Acted as Admin Officer for ACS, with accountability for handling daily administrative tasks, including Time and Attendance and Filing. Served as purchasing agent via IMPAC GPC. Supported ACS-Officer in NAF and AF Budget process, property management, automation and strategic management, contributing organization skills and strong attention to detail. Strategically planned and coordinated APIC and ACOE processes for evaluation. Built key relationships and liaised between community agencies and retirees groups. Briefed Joint Forces Command on ACS offerings and support services. Innovatively designed and implemented marketing tools including PSA's, newsletters and other print media. Tracked and monitored ACS client data. Due to exceptional written and oral communication skills, chosen to write speeches for commanders. Administered and implemented Globally Automated Client Tracking System, integral to optimizing efficiency and streamlining workflow.

Professor's Assistant at Berea College

May 2002 - December 2004

Exhibiting strong organizational skills, supported Art Department Professor in all aspects of classroom operations. Developed syllabi, prepared classroom for instruction, and maintained course records. Applied advanced communication and active listening skills toward liaising between Professor and students and diplomatically facilitating issue resolutions. Advised students on academic goals, class selections, and course information. Taught portions of Introduction to Arts Courses. Prepared engaging and educational presentations to promote collaborative learning environment conducive to student participation. Wrote SOP's for Art Classes and developed/graded exams.

Consultant at 417th BSB Kitzingen

June 2004 - August 2004

June 2003 to August 2003 and June 2004 to August 2004 Provided advice and information to ACMA of historical and policy nature in conducting ACMA program, as well as advising on proper disposition of cases. Actively supported ACMA on DoDDS and DoDEA policy and regulations regarding student suspensions. Developed surveys to analyze customer satisfaction and garner effectiveness. Conducted extensive research and analysis to define and resolve issues. Applied research skills in proficiently gathering and analyzing data for ACOE program through statistical methodology. Developed charts from data to effectively inform officials. Authored and edited portions of ACOE submission packet in 2003. In supporting AST in Wuerzburg, reorganized Operation Order(OPORDER) and attached FRAGOS defining force protection mission of installation to meet mission and JSIVA requirements.

School Liaison Officer at 417th BSB Kitzingen

December 2000 - October 2002

Conducted comprehensive analysis of data regarding families in need of school service support. Evaluated school and community data for effectiveness of support services. Exhibiting oral and written communication skills, prepared and presented briefings advising command on Youth/School issues. Served as primary liaison between MilCom, School District, Tactical Units and Host Nation on Youth and Education. Researched regulations pertaining to schools and support services on safety, transportation, and school meals. Ensured critical compliance of community support and school agencies by conducting extensive inspections and verifications. Wrote SOP's to provide regulatory guidance for School Liaison Program. Developed and implemented customer service standards for SLO program, instrumental in boosting customer service and satisfaction. Appointed to serve as Program Manager for Youth Mentoring Program. Held youth sensing sessions to determine quality of community and school services. Presided over school discipline hearings. Demonstrated strong project management skills in managing all aspects of various programs. Processed background checks, maintained records and organized volunteer awards, further illustrating strong ability to manage multiple functions. Developed training program for mentors to ensure top performance. Chosen to serve as Action Officer for Youth Summer Employment Program. Proficiently processed Personnel Actions and Time Attendance, ensuring accuracy and timely completion. Coordinated Awards for Summerhire participants, including cash incentives, certificates, and banquets, instrumental in creating collaborative environment conducive to motivating participants and ensuring high morale.

School Liaison Officer at 417th BSB

December 2000 - October 2002

Continued Acted as Battle Captain in Battle Operation Center, served on BSB Crisis Management Team, and worked as Command Spearheaded recruitment and placement of Youth Summer Hires in positions, training, orientation, and records maintenance. Coordinated with Community and School Agencies to develop Force Protection Plans for Schools. Inspected force protection plans of schools to verify effective implementation. Collaborated directly with JSIVA inspection teams to quantify effectiveness of FP plans. Representative on all School Councils. In addition, served on Host Nation Councils regarding youth and education. Liaised effectively between schools and community; supported parents and students and managed PR, including coordinating with media outlets, AFN, community paper, and bulletins for dissemination of School information. Served on School Districts Crisis Intervention Team. Closely worked with School and Youth Organizations to identify At-Risk youth and refer them to proper resources. Acted as Alt. Civilian Misconduct Authority. Processed Misconduct Cases through Military Police, Garrison Command and Units. Exhibited strong financial skills in maintaining full accountability for Fiscal Management of SLO Program. Cost-effectively allocated, administered and controlled purchases, requests and contracts. Interpreted DoDDS and Community policy on matters pertaining to Schools and advised Community Commander, Principals, and Superintendent.

Youth Services Program Coordinator at 417th BSB Kitzingen

November 1997 - December 2000

Relied upon to perform interim responsibilities of YS Program Manager concurrently with YS Program Coordinator responsibilities. Exhibited dynamic leadership qualities in supervising 10 professional and 30 para-professional staff, with strong focus on optimizing productivity, efficiency and performance. Trained, mentored and motivated staff. Successfully built top-performing personnel vital to supporting enterprise-wide operations by recruiting and effectively interviewing, screening and testing candidates. Led YS program for youth ages 6 to 18 servicing 2,700 youth. Program included 3 teen centers, middle school program and sports program serving both team and individual sports. Developed strategic plans for YS Program with both short-term (6 months) and long term (5 years) goals.

Teen Program Coordinator at 417th BSB Kitzingen

July 1995 - October 1997

Planned and managed diverse age appropriate activities and programs for youth grades 6 to 12. Organized educational, recreational, adventure-based, physical/sports, leadership development, and social activities. Contributed leadership skills in managing Teen Facility with 10 AF and NAF employees and numerous volunteers. Recruited and trained volunteers. Briefed community agencies on programs. Directed SEEP (Student Employment Education Program) with 30 to 40 year round employees. Developed at-risk youth programs, such as Teens on Edge, promoting life long skills, and Evening Recreation, late night sports activities. Wrote and implemented SOP's for function of Teen Facility. Maintained and submitted NAF budgets, with accountability for overseeing AF and NAF property and controls. Coordinated logistics, supplies, and transportation for operating teen facility and programs. Managed all aspects of MWR Aquatic Facility on Geibelstadt and total Aquatics program. Established emergency procedures to promote safety and trained lifeguards to ensure optimal level of performance.

Andrew Bailey's Education

US Grant High School

1982 – 1986

Colton University

Bachelor of Science

Concentration: Liberal Arts; Political Science Major

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